About us

We’re Splash Stars

An independent, family run business giving swimming lessons to your little stars


Splash Stars is a fun, focused progressive swimming class for children age birth – 11 years across areas such as Bolton, Hindley Green, Moston and Bromley cross.

Our classes are jam packed with life-saving skills from as young as a few weeks, so that should your child ever need them, they will know exactly what to do. Each class lasts half an hour and provides a wonderful bonding opportunity for parents and children, as well as being jam packed with fun activities that promote and develop independent swimming from a very young age!

Quality of teaching is our top priority! Our technical director Nichole has developed a bespoke program that is both fun, focused and progressive after having worked within the swimming industry for many years and has acquired a vast amount of experience and gained numerous STA qualifications.

The Splash Stars program has been specifically written and designed to get the most out of your little one, at their own pace. We never force any activity but promote a love for the water, by nurturing your child. Our methods make sure your children receive the very best swimming lessons out there! We use minimal flotation devices (no armbands/disks) and teach babies and children to swim unaided to build a strong confident and graceful swimmer, who loves the water whilst being safe.

Lets make a splash!

We have been through it! All our teachers are parents with children at various stages throughout the program our technical director Nichole has two small children of her own George and Matilda. George has been swimming since he was weeks old and at the age of 5 can now swim over 100 meters and hes only in reception, he has never worn armbands or disks and at just 5 is learning and developing correct technique in all strokes! And Matilda, who is only 2, you will know if you have seen her at lessons! She can swim short distances of about 8 seconds independently she can initiate her own swims from the wall by holding on and turning to push off! We’re so proud 🙂

We understand the challenges. The water wobbles, the changing room meltdowns but the joy of seeing your child swimming independently is well worth it – its amazing. We are here to support you and your little star every step of the way!

The Splash Stars Way

Great teachers

We have some of the best teachers in the business, highly trained with a strong love of all thing watery and a passion for teaching your children not only that we have years of experience teaching hundreds of babies and children to swim every week!

Helpful pricing

We book in terms of 12/13 weeks with the option of paying up front or splitting payments into 2/3 ,manageable monthly amounts! We offer discounts for siblings 5% off each as we understand that costs quickly mount with two children or more.
Twin options also available contact us to find out more.

Bespoke Lessons

Our program is reviewed often and tailored to your child and your class! How amazing is that!! Our program is adjusted exactly to how your child learns and what they need!! Talk about bespoke!

Small classes

We keep our classes very small and tailor that number to the space in the pool and the class level meaning that our smaller pools we have no more than 6 children. Star Academy has a maximum of 6 children to one teacher. If spaces allows we will go to a maximum if 9 children in our baby swimming lessons way below the recommendation of 12.
Our special needs classes have just four children!

We’re small and loving

We are independent meaning our main focus is you and your children, we can deliver an extremely high quality lesson without you having to pay excessive amounts. We can keep our overhead costs low and are not affiliated with a franchise meaning the money goes back to investing in your children!

Health and Safety

We are insured to the highest standard with specialist insurance to cater exactly to our lessons. On top of that our teacher also hold STA insurance of their own. Health and safety is our biggest priority and so undertake full health and safety checks as well as risk assessments to make sure your little stars are safe in their swimming lessons!

Ready to book?

Our methods teach your children not just to swim beautifully, effortlessly and gracefully but to enjoy, respect and love the water.

Show your little stars, not just how to swim, but how to have fun doing so! Lessons are just £9.75, payable in blocks with sibling discounts and payment plans available.

Book your child into Splash Stars! Or call our helpful team on 01942 576049