Special needs swimming lessons

Are you looking for tailored, fun, friendly Special needs swimming lessons with a highly trained friendly teacher? Your in the right place!

Splash Stars are one of the only swim schools in the North west offering swimming lessons for disabled children, our Special needs swimming lessons cater for a wide range of disabilities and addition needs.

The lessons are fun, confidence building classes in a nurturing environment. Our teachers are highly trained and understand how to work with children to motivate and encourage them to achieve. In our lessons we never force the classes are gentle and fun with limited use of floatation devices, we feel it is best for children to feel the full freedom of the water without the overuse of restrictive floatation devices, we will use them as required to allow independence if needed, our children learn to love the water with their own confidence and the trust they have in their teacher!

You will be amazed how in a matter of you weeks your nervous child will be coming out of their shell and achieving thing you or they never thought possible! Swimming lessons like you have never seen before! We pride our selves on our high quality special needs swimming lessons! Our disabled swimming lessons are jam packed with fun, focused and progressive activities with a friendly atmosphere and a highly trained caring teacher!

Splash Stars are proud to be one of the only swim schools in the North offering tailored swimming lessons to children with disabilities, our teachers are highly qualified and specialize in these sessions. Our teachers have undertaken their STA swimming qualification and have undertaken intensive training to teach to children with additional needs and disabilities.

01942 576049We cater to a wide range of disabilities such as:

Spina Bifida
Global Developmental Delay
Autism spectrum
Muscular Dystrophy
Cerebal Palsy
Learning difficulties
Hearing Impairment
Visual Impairment
Genetic Disorders
Among many other conditions.

The lessons are fun, friendly and relaxed initially with parents/carers in the water helps to provide support and helps children adapt and relax into the sessions quickly.

If you are looking for a swim school that offer high quality fun and friendly lessons catering to disabled children you are in the right place.

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