How long are the swimming classes?
Each swimming lesson whether that be for babies or children is a jam packed 30 minute class, we get through a lot in half an hour and you be surprise how teird you baby or child will be after their swimming class!

I cant swim does it matter?
We have lots of parents in our classes whether you are a non swimmer or not confident in the water doesn’t matter at all! The water is always shallow enough to stand up in and you don’t have to swim or go underwater unless you want to! You will be surprised how the lessons will help build your water confidence too!

What age can I bring my baby to Splash Stars?
Babies can join us soon after birth, once the cord has come away and healed as long as they are well they can join our classes.

My baby hasn’t had their injections yet, can they attend?
Yes! Current NHs advice states that babies don’t need injections to swim, as long as baby has recovered from birth and the cord has come away they can come along! Our youngest was just over a week old!/

How do I book lessons?
You register your details for our lessons at www.splash-stars.co.uk/book-now/ and we will do the rest!

Can both parents attend?
Yes of course, we welcome spectators after all seeing your little baby swim is something to behold! Due to space restrictions only one adult is allowed in the water at one time, we don’t mind if you want to swap part way through the lesson!

Is there a waiting list?
Our swimming lessons are extremely popular meaning that a lot of classes do have a waiting list, a lot of parents put their name down for lessons with us while still pregnant, you can check for spaces and register Here

How long will it take for my child or baby to learn to swim?
There is no quick fix, learning to swim takes time and patience do remember that it is a lifelong skill that is worth the time, money and patience! If your baby started swimming with us from a young age the water is a very natural environment, one they have grown up with and they will be much quicker than those who join us when they are older.

Is my child to old to start lessons?
No it is never to late! We take children from birth to age 11 years in our progressive program that teaches babies and children to swim, correct, effective and aligned strokes.

Which class should my child go into?
Our program is designed to meet your child’s ability and stage of development and are grouped to meet both your child needs and abilities. You can find out more here.

What do I need to bring?
If your child is in our Pre-school program Twinkle Stars 0-7m, Shooting Stars 8-16m, Shining Stars 17-24m, Stars 2-4 Years or Super Stars 2-5 Years then one adult will go in the water with them so you will need your costume or trunks as well as a swim nappy, if required and a Happy nappy which you can buy at the pool or order by emailing us.

If your child is in our school age StarAcademy class then they will need either some tight fitting shorts or a one piece costume, we recommend both goggles and a swim hat but they are not compulsory.

Can I join part way through a term?
Yes, our teachers are highly trained and deliver a program that is right for both the group and each child’s stage. and will tailor each activity to your child, to join our classes simply book online or call 01942576049.

Can my little one swim if they have a cold?
Children often get coughs and colds if your little one has the snuffles, a runny nose and a mild cough then they are probably fine to swim, if they have a temperature and are not well in themselves its probably best to stay at home.

What happens if we miss a lesson?
Don’t despair contact us as soon as you can to let us know you wont make your lesson and we will try our best to offer a replacement class.