Here Are The Questions We Get Asked The Most!


How Long Are The Lessons?
Each swimming lesson, whether that be for babies or children, is a jam packed 30 minute class, we get through a lot in half an hour and you be surprise how tired you baby or child will be after their swimming class! With this in mind we think 30 minutes is the optimum amount of time to progress our programme and still keep your child interested.

What Will My Child Learn?
All our children regardless of age are working towards swimming independently, learning vital lifesaving skills and developing correct technique. Ready to make a Splash? Book your lessons here.

Do I, Or Another Adult Need To Enter The Pool With My Child?
Children in our StarAcademy classes levels 1-5 get in without an adult or parent. All our other classes need a responsible adult, aged 16+, will need to be in the pool with the attending child on a one to one basis.

I Can’t Swim, Does That Matter?
We have lots of parents in our classes that are non swimmers or unconfident in the water,  it doesn’t matter at all! The water is always shallow enough to stand up in and you don’t have to swim or go underwater unless you want to! You will be surprised how the lessons will help build your water confidence too!

How Old Does My Child Need To Be To Swim With You?
Babies can join us soon after birth, once the cord has come away and healed as long as they are well they can join our classes. We teach children up to 11 years, our classes are structured and split into age groups for our babies and from 2 years old on wards they are split into ability groups. Children can join at any age whether beginners or not!

My Baby Hasn’t Had Their Injections Yet; Can They Attend?
Yes! Current NHS advice states that babies don’t need injections to swim, as long as baby has recovered from birth and the cord has come away they can come along! Our youngest swimmer was just over a week old!

Can Both Parents Attend?
Yes of course, we welcome spectators! After all seeing your little one swim is something to behold! Due to space restrictions only one adult is allowed in the water at one time, we don’t mind if you want to swap part way through the lesson!

How Long Will It Take For My Child To Learn To Swim?
There is no quick fix, learning to swim takes time and patience, do remember that it is a lifelong skill that is worth the time, money and patience! If your baby started swimming with us from a young age the water is a very natural environment, one they have grown up with and they will be much quicker than those who join us when they are older, don’t be deterred if your child hasn’t had lessons before or are a little older, our teacher are highly trained and great at encouraging your and supporting your child to learn to swim.

My Child Is Swimming With Another Swim School, How Would They Transfer Into Your Programme?

Baby or Pre-Schooler
Our classes are developed into age groups that meet your child’s physical and emotional development, all our classes are progressive so your teacher will be working through a number of different progressions with each child see our age ranges. Book here.

School Aged Child
Stage 1/2 or up to Octopus 2- StarAcdemy level 1
Stage 3 or up to Goldfish 2- StarAcademy level 2
Stage 4 or up to Angelfish 1 – StarAcademy level 3
Stage 5 or up to Angelfish 3 – StarAcademy level 4
Stage 7+ or up to Shark 3 – StarAcademy level 5
You can book your child into our lessons here, If you are unsure or would like to chat to us about where your child fits in our program please call 01942 576 049 our office opening hours are Monday – Friday 9:30am – 2:30pm.

Can I join Part Way Through A Term?

Yes, our teachers are highly trained and deliver a program that is right for both the group and each child’s stage. and will tailor each activity to your child, to join our classes simply book online or call 01942576049.

What Happens If We Miss A Lesson?
Don’t despair we offer make up classes, if you know you are going to miss a class just email us and let us know, once you are marked as absent you will get a make up voucher on the customer portal which you can use at any point during the term to book a make up class, this is a gesture of goodwill and there is no cash alternative and if unused cannot be carried over.

How Do I Book?
You register your details for our lessons at and we will do the rest, alternatively you can call 01942 576 049 our office opening hours are Monday – Friday 9:30am – 2:30pm.