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S Gregory reviewed Splash Stars5star.
9 August 2016 ·
Nichole is fantastic at what she does, my daughter Georgia was petrified at her 1st lesson and wouldn’t let go of me, now she is like a different child in the water with much more confidence, jumping in from standing, blowing bubbles with all her face in the water, tiger arms and kicking legs, and now is happy in the water using only woggles, which I never thought I would see in such a short space of time. Can’t thank you enough Nichole, recommend you to everyone, looking forward to our last lesson on Sunday morning and will definitely be booking on for the new term starting in September : ) xxx

E Mackey reviewed Splash Stars 5star.
26 October 2016 ·
I love taking my son to his lessons, not only has it built up his confidence, it has helped me have more confidence in the pool supporting him in developing this life long skill. Nicole you are fantastic and I can see the difference your classes have had on him, he just loves to show off to his daddy on how to blow bubbles in the bath xxx

L Lightbown reviewed Splash Stars 5star.
12 November 2016 ·
My little girl Is 17 weeks and we have been coming to splash stars for a couple of weeks now, its the best decision by far she loves the water and is so relaxed. The teacher is brilliant, very friendly and the team is helpful also. X

L Jackson reviewed Splash Stars 5star.
21 February 2017
Lovely little class on a sunday afternoon. So happy we started was a little nervous but katie was brill and very friendly. My little one loves it to and gaining lots more confidence in the water. Would deffo recommend!! X

L Cleary reviewed Splash Stars5star.
19 February 2017
Can’t recommend these lessons enough they’ve done wonders for my little boy who started off by being petrified of getting in the pool. The lessons are fun and help to teach many important skills to get children swimming independently and safely in the water. My little boys confidence has really grown and it’s been so nice to see him actually enjoying being in the pool and taking part.

K Smiley Jones reviewed Splash Stars 5star.
19 February 2017
I simply love Splash Stars. Both my daughters have grown in confidence and I am sure they will go on to become very competent and confident swimmers with great technique!

D Mallott reviewed Splash Stars 5star.
21 February 2017 ·
My little girl is 5 months and is part of the 0-7 months class on a Sunday afternoon… the teacher is professional, friendly and I can trust her implicitly with my girl, especially when it comes to her swimming underwater. I love these classes and am already seeing a massive benefit for my baby in her development both physically and mentally.