Here at Splash Stars we pride ourselves on providing tailored, fun and progressive lessons to children from newborn age all the way to 11 years. But did you know we offer swimming lessons for children with additional needs? We are very proud of the fact that we are one of the only swim schools in the North West that offer lessons that cater for a wide range of disabilities and additional needs.

There are many benefits to starting lessons with your child no matter what disability they have. Here are just some of the disabilities we cater for:

·         Spina Bifida

·         Global Developmental Delay

·         Autism spectrum

·         Asperger’s

·         Muscular Dystrophy

·         Epilepsy

·         Cerebal Palsy

·         Learning difficulties

·         Hearing Impairment

·         Visual Impairment

·         Hydrocheplus

·         Genetic Disorders

Taking a child of any ability swimming is a brilliant way of getting activity levels up in a fun and relaxed environment. With each kick or stroke you are increasing muscle tone and strength and with children with additional needs learning to swim also encourages balance, coordination and the development of motor skills. The swimming pool provides an amazing environment for children with movement restrictions. Being buoyant in water reduces your body weight by 80% therefore giving children a lot more movement range.

Here at Splash Stars, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child’s face, and indeed their parents faces, when they have achieved something they have worked so hard for. Our main goal isn’t just to teach children to swim; it’s to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. Learning a new skill for a child gives them a sense of pride and worth and gives them confidence in their abilities. Children with additional needs benefit from this by being exposed to new social interactions and being part of a ‘team’ within their class.

We believe that the safety benefits of learning to swim are just as important as the physical and mental benefits if not more so and this is also the case for teaching children with additional needs. According to the National Autism Association drowning is among the biggest cause of death for children with Austism. This is due to the characteristics of Autism, social-interaction difficulties, lack of understanding danger and fascination with certain things, including water. Teaching your child to swim, no matter what their ability can be the difference between life and death. In our lessons we teach children to move to a point of safety, (monkey walking) and climb out, to turn in the water, tread water amongst many other life saving techniques and skills.

Our teachers are fully STA trained, undertaking specialised courses knowledgeable and experienced in working with you and your child to encourage a love and respect for the water which in turn then gives them a life skill and promotes both mental and physical benefits as well as their self-confidence!

We never force and as with all our lessons, we are led by the children we teach, we go at their pace and build that teacher/student trust in a nurturing way. You will be amazed at the progress children make in just a few weeks swimming with us; it really is magical to see.

We teach these lessons at our pools in Moston (Camberwell Park School), Bromley Cross (Birtenshaw) and Bolton One. At the present moment we have a very long waiting list for these lessons and we are constantly on the lookout for more venues in the North West to host more. If you know of any hydrotherapy pools that we could hire out then please do get in touch emailing us at or