Here at Splash Stars we are really keen to encourage a sociable atmosphere, making new friends and being part of a lovely community of like minded people. We see ourselves as one big family and seeing relationships being formed between children and parents really does make Splash Stars a lovely place to teach your baby to swim.

There are many benefits for new parents to get out and socialise with their children and a lot of emphasis is put on this when your child is first born from health professionals but let’s face it, getting out with a new baby and that pressure of making new friends can sometimes be a daunting and intimidating experience.

However once that commitment is made to going to a class, like swimming, for example, it can provide a little structure and routine to your day that can help with other areas of the minefield that is parenting!

With that being said I wanted to tell you all a little but about how many benefits there are to bringing your baby swimming;

– Builds water confidence at an early age not just theirs either! If you aren’t a competent swimmer being in the water with your child will also make you feel more at ease too!

– It improves coordination and balance and on the whole, children who swim have better balance out of the pool

– Swimming helps to build muscles, working and strengthening their muscles effectively helps to make them stronger

– Bonding! This if something we focus on a lot, swimming is a lovely bonding experience for you and your child, many of our parents comment on how lovely it is to have that 30 minutes a week where there are no other distractions and its just you and your child enjoying that special time together, giving each other undivided attention!

– Swimming also strengthens your little ones insides! Not only does it strengthen their muscles but also they lungs and their heart and helps develop their brain

– Swimming is also known to help a child sleep better, although this wont make them sleep through all night, every night, the extra exercise will inevitably make your child sleepier.

– It improves appetite. Lots of gentle exercise in our warm hydro pools will also make babies hungrier, so make sure your bringing snacks/milk for after your lesson!

Please share with us why you love Splash Stars so much! 🙂

Emily xx