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We’re Splash Stars

A revolutionary way of teaching your child to swim.

Our lessons are fun, focused and progressive.

Your child will be learning to swim independently from their very first lesson.

We teach your child to swim correct effective strokes and vital life-saving skills.

In each jam packed 30-minute class, your highly trained water-based teacher, will guide and assist your child and progress them to achieve their absolute best.

Our teaching standards are second to none, not only do our stringent recruitment processes mean we have the absolute best teachers in the industry, but our training program is water tight!

Nothing is left to chance; our staff spend up to 45 hours co-teaching (as a minimum), undertake the highest qualifications, have ongoing in-house program training with ongoing support from our technical director, termly assessment visits and termly development training. If that isn’t enough, our multiple programs are all written and developed by our technical director, who specializes in child development and works closely with the STA to bring the very best possible lesson that allows your child to reach their full swimming potential regardless of their age.

Splash Stars revolutionary program delivers child centred swimming lessons in a whole new way! Our classes focus on building water confidence to allow your child to shine!

Our progressive activities and small class sizes mean that each child will receive individual progressions based on their ability alone.

We teach without the use of restrictive floatation devices, such as armbands and disks, this mean that your child will learn to swim correctly from the very beginning.

Splash Stars have proven that leaning to swim independently from the beginning means that your child will build the confidence in their own abilities and not in a device the keeps them afloat!

This means that ultimately, learning to swim is faster and more fun, confidence can’t be taken away unlike flotation devices.

Our swimmers are beautifully and naturally aligned, swimming head down with confidence and learn correct and effective technique that not only flows better but mean they move through the water with style and grace. Our swimmers are equipped with self-rescue skills in a non-trauma setting.

Our range classes mean that whether your child is 8 weeks or 8 years old we have the right class catered to their age and ability.

We are multi award winning! Our award’s and affiliations!

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