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Customers Reviews

We could talk about how fantastic our swimming classes are 10 times over but we would rather show you.
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Excellent instructors with a good range of venues and times for different grades of swimmers.

My five year old daughter had been going to Splash Stars for over three years, having tried other classes/groups and companies I really do appreciate how these work.

They offer a structured programme but can and do alter each class according to the child’s requirements. I like that they offer lessons for children of all abilities and needs.

The real bonus is to have catch up lessons, it’s brilliant, it means you can miss a class, (due to illness/holidays etc), but rearrange for a different one at no extra charge, this make it excellent value for money and you don’t get that with the council run or any other private swimming lessons.

All this adds to the excellent value and service.

Dave – Eva’s Dad

I started taking my daughter to splash stars when she was just 7wks old. Connie is now 2 1/2 years old and absolutely loves her lesson with Nichole on a Monday. She’s so confident in the water, and I love that there is no pressure to to ever do anything they don’t want to do. Nichole is an amazing teacher and Connie and I both look forward to the lesson every week.

I would without a doubt highly recommend splash stars. 5 * from us!!

Shelley – Connie’s Mum

They are a fantastic team. My little girl lost her confidence when she went underneath the water, it really shook her up. She's always been very wary being in the pool always having her life jacket on and arm bands clinging onto us most of the time. She started going swimming at 6 weeks old (with another company) so it wasn't a new thing.

We've now been going to Splash Stars for about 8 months (minus school holidays) and her confidence has gone through the roof.

She now swims confidently with her woggle, putting her face into the water (a couple of months ago that was unheard of) she's gained octopus badge 1 and 2 and also gained her 5 meter badge swimming unaided.

I cannot recommend them enough for what she has already done for my daughter. Excited to see what's she's going to do next!

Louise – Katherine’s Mum

My grandson has been having lessons with Splash Stars for just over a year and his confidence has grown so much. He loves the lessons and never feels any pressure to do something he's not keen on. All taught naturally without armbands etc, he's now so confident that he absolutely loves jumping in and reaching down to the pool floor to retrieve the ring.

Absolutely lovely staff and pools, would definitely advise anyone looking to book for their small people to use Splash Stars.

Louise – George’s Grandma

3rd week in and my boys love it! Youngest was very nervous at 1st but now he wants to go swimming everyday and wants to do things on his own. I 100% recommend splash stars to everyone, Lauren and Nichole are fab!!!

Leanne Booth

Love this swimming school. Our daughter has done a few terms now and loves the water. She’s 10 months and can hold on side and jump in on her own. Swims under water, holds her breath, splashes, kicks her legs.

Bella Brooke-Steel

Nichole is fantastic at what she does, my daughter Georgia was petrified at her 1st lesson and wouldn't let go of me, now she is like a different child in the water with much more confidence, jumping in from standing, blowing bubbles with all her face in the water, tiger arms and kicking legs, and now is happy in the water using only woggles, which I never thought I would see in such a short space of time. Can't thank you enough Nichole, recommend you to everyone, looking forward to our last lesson on Sunday morning and will definitely be booking on for the new term starting in September : ) xxx

Samantha Gregory

I can't recommend splash stars highly enough. My baby girl who is nearly 5 months absolutely loves the water we practice at Bath times aswell but to see her so relaxed in the pool makes us so happy. Definitely want to continue with lessons for her. Aswell as making it fun with songs it also promotes tummy time (on a float, which she prefers) and submersion in the water to help her confidence, its definitely worth it.

Katy Todd

Swimming lessons are fun and enjoyable. My little one seems so comfortable in the water and is already well practiced at doing little underwater swims. Taught well. Would definitely recommend. Also reasonably priced and well worth the money. It's great knowing my boy will grow up loving swimming and not being afraid of the water.

Lisa Tuccillo

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